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Friday, November 21, 2014

grincy poop!

I made this Grincy Poop plate using design space and print than cut. I used a childs year  and white vinyl for the wording. I than sealed it with sparkle modpodge. Have a crafty day! Hugs, Dina


I made this glitter ornament using glitter it on the inside so the fine glitter would adhere. Than I cleaned olaf up in design space,added the name and year using white vinyl.
Have a crafty Day, Hugs ,Dina

print than cut

I id Marilyn Monroe in design space,I than added the monogram using vinyl and dafont monogram modpodge.

 did the same with wonder woman. Have a crafty day, Hugs,Dina
kkk covered mug in glossy